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Soil Testing Equipments

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Sand Pouring Cylinder
Sand Pouring Cylinder Apparatus
This Apparatus is used for determination of the dry density of compact, fine, medium grained soils and for layers not exceeding 50 cm thickness. A circular hole is dug into the ground, all the soil from within it collected, weighed and dried, and the hole back-filled with a standard uniform sand or fine gravel, poured from a calibrated container for calculating the volume of hole.
Meets:- IS: 2720 (Part 28) It consists of Cylindrical Calibration Container, Metal Tray, with central hole
Optional Extra Metal Tray without central hole

Milestone Instruments
Triaxial Cell
Triaxial Cells
The cell cylinders are made from acrylic plastic material and those for use upto 20 bar (20 kg/cm 2) are usually reinforced by bands. Each cell has four take-off positions, drilled in the base, for the following purposes: Meets:- IS: 2720 (Part 11) & (Part 12)

Triaxial Cell, Stationary Bushing. For universal 100mm dia
For testing the specimen of 38mm, 50mm, 75 mm, and 100mm. It consist of perspex chamber with anvil and loading plunger

Triaxial Cell, Stationary Bushing
For testing specimen of size 38mm dia X 76mm long

Milestone Instruments
Triaxial Test Outfit
Triaxial Test Outfit (complete unit)
Triaxial Test Outfit, Motorised,
It consists of Load frame, Motorised, 50KN capacity and 30 speeds, two speeds constant strains, screw jack type, Triaxial cell Stationary bushing accommodating universal type dia. sample. Lateral Pressure Assembly, (Pressure Chamber with foot pump) capacity 10kg/cm sq. volume change gauge Proving Ring with Integral Boss, high sensitivity type, Dial gauge 0.01 X 25mm for strain measurement. Constant Pressure System 20Bar (20kg/cm sq)
Triaxial Test Outfit, Digital
Same as above with Digital Indicator

Milestone Instruments
Pore Pressure Apparatus
Pore Pressure
The pore pressure measuring apparatus consists of a screw pressure pump, null indicator in Perspex, pressure gauge, mercury manometer, volume change burette and the necessary connecting tubes and valves. It is used for measuring pore water pressure and pore air pressure in soils. It has many features, which simplify the operation. The Null Indicator is made from a transparent Perspex block. It is a simplified U-Tube Null Indicator, in which water can bypass mercury if null indicator is tilted; thus de-airing process by circulation of water is facilitated. All features enable a visual check to be made during the de-airing operation of apparatus. A mercury manometer and a pressure gauge of Bourdon Tube type are provided on the panel on which the whole equipment is mounted. Very small positive or negative pressures are observed on the manometer. A 50 ml burette is clamped to a sliding bracket on one side of the panel. It is used for measuring the volume change in the specimen when subjected to confining pressure in the triaxial cell
The following models of Pore Pressure Apparatus are available:

1. Pore Pressure Apparatus, 1000 kPa (10 kg/cm2) Capacity
The equipment consists of: Note: All the above parts are fixed on a panel suitable for mounting on the wall.

2. Pore Pressure Apparatus, 2000 kPa (20 kg/cm2) capacity

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Sensitive Volume Change Gauge
Sensitive Volume Change Gauge
The Volume Change Gauge illustrated works on the principle of reversing the direction of flow when the limit of the volume change scale is reached. The number of cycles with the volume of fluid handled in each cycle provides the total volume change, whereas the sensitivity is governed by the dia of the polythene tube used.
The sensitive volume change gauge has realized sensitivity of 0.003 ml/mm with the 6 ml volume of fluid per cycle. The apparatus consists of a volume measuring polythene tube running along both sides of a scale and connected at both ends to two mercury traps. These traps are connected to flow reversal valves through a manifold. The length of the polythene tube is enough to measure 6 ml volume of fluid per cycle. A small pallet of mercury is introduced in the circuit to be used as a cursor, and the movement of pallet is measured. The unit is tested to a pressure of 20bar (20 kg/cm2) and is designed for wall mounting.

Milestone Instruments
Test Sieve Analysis
Test Sieve Analysis
Test Sieves 20 cm dia are fabricated out of spun brass, without joint frame, double folded bottom, having beading at top, tightly fitting with each other (Endcott Pattern), with SS wire mesh. Three series are normally available: BSS/ASTM/BIS. Meets:- IS: 2720 (Part 4), ASTM D 422, AASHO T 88, BS: 1377
N-tech Instruments
Pan & lid made of brass heavy gauge for 20 cm dia test sieves.
Perforated Steel Plate Square Hole Coarse Test Sieves

Aprature in MM
125mm, 106mm, 100mm, 90mm, 80mm, 75mm, 63mm, 53mm, 50mm, 45mm, 40mm, 37.5mm, 31.5mm, 26.5mm, 25mm, 22.4mm, 20mm, 19mm, 16mm, 13.2mm, 12.5mm, 11.2mm, 10mm, 9.5mm, 8mm, 6.7mm, 6.3mm, 5.6mm, 4.75mm.

20cm. dia Brass Frame without joint. All coarse series as detailed above.
30cm. dia G.I. Sheet Frame with joint-All coarse Series as detailed above.
45cm. dia G.I. Sheet Frame with joint-All coarse Series as detailed above.
Lid and Pan Sets 20cm. dia Brass, 30cm. dia G.I. Sheet, 45cm. dia G.I. Sheet
Test Sieves 20 cm Dia Fine Series

Milestone Instruments
Sieve Shaker Gyratory Type
Sieve Shaker (Gyratory Type)
Carries up to 7 sieves of 20cm diameter. The shaker is drive by a ¼ H.P. electric motor through a reduction gear. The sieve table does not rotate but it is inclined from the vertical axis and the direction changes progressively in the clockwise direction. By removal of a stop-pin fixed below the table, the shaker can have a rotary motion. In addition to the gyratory motion of the table, there is an upward and downward movement ensuring that each square cm of the sieve is utilized. The whole gear mechanism runs in an oil bath.

Suitable for operation on 230 volts, 50 cycles, single phase, A.C. supply. Supplied without sieves.

Accessories And Spares
  1. Adaptor for 12 inch diameter sieves.
  2. Time switch 0-60 minutes.
  3. Digital timer 0-99min.

Sieve Shaker (Rotap Type)
This is heavy machined driven by a ¼ hp motor 220 Volts single phase 50 Hz. It is exceptionally robust and lasting. The circular and end to end motion is given by hammer from the top. The shaker takes 8" Or 6" sieves. The shaker is recommended for I.S.S tests.
Wet Sieve Shaker (Yoder Type)
This yoder type motor driven sieve shaker is for carrying out wet sieve analysis of material. Consists of a water reservoir and 1,2 and 3 holders, for holding 7 no. sieve on each holder of 8" dia The shaker is driven by 1/4 HP motor through a belt drive. Works 230 volts. 50 cycles, single phase A.C
Milestone Instruments
Rotap Sieve Shaker
Milestone Instruments
Wet Sieve Shaker

Milestone Instruments
Infra-Red Moisture Meter
Infra-Red Moisture Meter
It is specially useful for determination of moisture in substance, that quickly reabsorbs moisture after drying. The infrared radiation is controlled by a voltage regulator and thereby provides excellent heat control. The instrument is provided with an indicator lamp. The torsion balance has a built-in magnetic damper to reduce pan vibrations enabling quicker weighing. The balance scale (drum) is divided in terms of moisture percentages on wet weight basis, which are read directly from it. Graduations are from 0 to 100% in 0.2 % divisions, but readings may be estimated to 0.1 % moisture content. It works on 230 V, 50 Hz, Single phase, AC Supply.
Meets:- IS: 2720 (Part 2) - 1973
Optional Extras Infra Red Lamp
Torsion Wire, pack of six

Milestone Instruments
Speedy Moisture Meter
Speedy Moisture Meter
Using a speedy moisture meter, the moisture content of soils, sand and other fine-grained material can be obtained quickly with reasonable accuracy. The test technique is based on the fact that water will react with calcium carbide to form acetylene gas and the quantity of gas formed is directly proportional to the water present, leaving a surplus of the chemical used in the test. The quantity of acetylene gas produced is indicated on a built-in pressure gauge, which is calibrated in percentage of moisture on wet weight basis.
Meets: - IS: 2720 (Part 2) - 1973 IS: 12175-1987
Each instrument is supplied complete in a carrying case fitted with counterpoised balance for weighing the sample, Scoop for measuring carbide reagent, a set of steel balls and a cleaning brush.
Calcium Carbide Reagent, in a container of 500 gm

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