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N-tech Instruments N-tech Instruments N-tech Instruments N-tech Instruments N-tech Instruments N-tech Instruments N-tech Instruments
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Company Profile

N-tech Instruments is a reputed supplier and exporter of a wide range of Soil Testing Equipments, Cement and Concrete Testing , Aggregate Testing Equipments, Bitumen Testing Equipments,General Lab Equipments.

We improve the quality of products through the timely introduction of meaningful technological innovations. In a world, where technology is increasingly becoming important in every aspect of the trade process, we are an eminent solution provider. Our company is committed to deliver products and solutions that are advanced, easy to use, and designed to meet the needs of all our users, wherever in the world they may be. With our consistent hard work and high-end quality products, we have nurtured a strong clientèle all over the world. We regularly export to Hong Kong, Bangladesh and various middle eastern countries.

Our company aims to build partnerships with key customers and suppliers, both in the business-to-business and business-to-consumer areas and also drive productivity through business transformation and operational excellence.

Quality Assurance
N-tech Instruments continuously explores new ways to improve products and offer innovative products to our valued consumers. That is the prime reason, why we have created a program through which, we aspire to reach extremely high quality levels in all products and services. We have adopted a set of methods and tools, by which, we persistently improve on ourselves.

Our team of quality control officers ensure that quality is maintained at every level of production. At this stage all our products are tested on the parameters of their tensile strength, durability, resistance to heat, contraction etc. The company has an in-house testing laboratory that checks all the products for any kind of production flaws or discrepancies. Every detail that makes up a product is carefully looked at. Innovative Design is both a philosophy and a concrete process, and it is seamlessly integrated in the business and in the product creation processes.
Well equipped with massive manufacturing base, we have the ability to give desired production within a short period of time. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing unit comprises of advanced technology, sophisticated machines and storage facilities. N-tech Instruments has industry experts, who serve as our backbone. Our team comprises of engineers, scientists, technocrats etc. Due to their vast experience in the industry, they are fully aware of all kinds of precautions and parameters that have to be kept in mind during the production process.

To further help them keep abreast with latest advancements, our management conducts training sessions regularly. The traditional design disciplines are integrated with expertise from the human sciences and technology through a multi-disciplinary, research-based approach, that makes it possible to create new solutions that satisfy and anticipate modern day industrial needs and aspirations.

Our Product Range
Soil Testing Equipments
Liquid Limit Apparatus   |   Proctor Compaction Apparatus   |   Consolidation   |   Direct Shear Apparatus   |   Dynamic Cone Penetrometer   |   Laboratory California Bearing Ratio  |   Cone Penetrometer Method
Multi speed Universal   |   Soil Permeability Apparatus   |   Pycnometer   |   Sample Extractors   |   Sampling Auger Outfits   |   Undisturbed Samplers   |   Sand Pouring Cylinder Apparatus   |   Triaxial Cells
Triaxial Test Outfit (complete unit)   |   Pore Pressure   |   Sensitive Volume Change Gauge   |   Test Sieve Analysis   |   Sieve Shaker (Gyratory Type)   |   Sieve Shaker (Rotap Type)   |   Infra-Red Moisture Meter
Speedy Moisture Meter   |   Swell Test Apparatus Manual   |   Laboratory Vane Shear Apparatus   |   Plate Bearing Capacity   |   Soil Hydrometer   |   Relative Density Test Apparatus
Unconfined Compression Testing Machine   |   Grain Size Analysis (Pipette Method)   |   Soil Lathe Motorised   |   Shrinkage Limit Apparatus   |   Proving Rings
Cement Testing and Concrete
Lab Jaw Crushers   |   Jolting Apparatus   |   Laboratory Ball Mill   |   Laboratory Cement Autoclave   |   Mortar Mixer   |   Lab Pulveriser   |   Vibrating Machine   |   Lateral Extensometer   |   Length Comparator
Permeability Tester   |   Penetrometer   |   Slump Test Apparatus   |   Vibrating Table   |   Air Entrainment Meter   |   Air Permeability Apparatus   |   Compression Testing Machine (Electrical)
Compression Testing Machine (Hand Operated)   |   Laboratory Concrete Mixer   |   Cube Moulds (As per BIS-516)
Aggregate Testing Equipments
Aggregate Impact Tester   |   Aggregate Crushing Strength Apparatus   |   Los Angeles Abrasion Machine   |   Tile Abrasion Testing Machine   |   Cylindrical Measures
Sample Riffle Divider   |   Devel Attrition Testing Machine
Bitumen Testing Instruments
Bitumen Extractor   |   Ductility Testing Machine   |   Marshall Apparatus   |   Automatic Compactor for Bituminous Mixes   |   Universal Cone Penetrometer, Automatic
Standard Tar Viscometer   |   Say bolt Viscometer   |   Carbon Residue, Conradson type   |   Cloud & Pour point Apparatus   |   Cleveland Flash & Fire Point Apparatus   |   Ring And Ball Apparatus
General Lab Equipments
Thermostatic Oven   |   Curing Tank   |   Hot Plate   |   B.O.D. Incubator   |   Laboratory Weighing Balances   |   Kinematic Viscometer Bath

N-tech InstrumentsN-tech Instruments