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Aggregate Testing Equipment

We are a well known name in manufacturing testing instruments which are available in economical prices. These products are well integrated with various essentials. Following are the products we are offering under this category:

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Aggregate Impact Tester
Aggregate Impact Tester
We make impact testing machine of premium quality. The main purpose of our impact testing machine is to test the resistance to metals & alloys to external impacts. The salient features of our impact testing machines are:
  1. Large rectangular dial with inner circle for IZOD and outer scale for Charpy test in joules.
  2. The pendulum is supported separately in two positions by a common latching tube, the upper position for Charpy test and the lower for IZOD test, interchangeable strikers for IZOD, Charpy tested.
  3. Front guard provided for safety of operation.
  4. Manual brake for stopping pendulum oscillation after sample failure.
  5. Common specimen holder for IZOD and Charpy test.
  6. Separate strikers for IZOD and Charpy test.

Milestone Instruments
Aggregate Crushing Strength Apparatus
Aggregate Crushing Strength Apparatus
Our aggregate crushing value apparatus are used for measuring resistance of an aggregate to crushing. This apparatus is extensively for various industrial applications. Following are some essentials we provide along with the equipment and their respective features:

Milestone Instruments
Los Angeles Abrasion Machine
Los Angeles Abrasion Machine
BIS-2386 is for determination of resistance to wear of coarse aggregate by abrasion. A rolled steel drum totally closed except for removable dust-tight cover is connected to stub shaft and mounted on steel frame to allow rotation about its axis in a horizontal plane. The drum is rotated by one h.p. electric motor. A heavy duty speed reducer coverts the motor speed to required drum speed of 30 to 33 r.p.m. inside the drum is provided a steel shelf which can be easily replaced when worm out due to repeated abrasion tests. Supplied with 12 abrasive charges of 48 mm. dia and Revolution Counter fitted to rotating shaft.

Milestone Instruments
Tile Abrasion Testing Machine
Tile Abrasion Testing Machine
We are the leading manufacturer of tile flexure testing machine. These machines are extensively used for determining the resistance to wear for cement concrete flooring tiles. They are provided with a rotating disc, adjustable counter for automatically stopping the machine, a bracket to hold specimen and a counter balance lever to load the specimen. The abrasion of tiles is measured on a thickness gauge specifically made for this purpose. We can offer these tile abrasion testing machines in standard as well as customized specifications.
It consists of the following :-
Thickness Measurement Jig with 0.01 mm x 25 mm dial gauge.

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Cylindrical Measures
Cylindrical Measures
Cylindrical measures are used to determine unit weight of concrete or fine, coarse and mixed aggregates, as well as for void content of aggregates. These measures are immune to cement paste and can also be used for unit weight and yield of fresh concrete. It also indicates the angularity, spherical nature and workability of fine aggregate in a mixture.
Materials used to make Cylindrical Measures These are usually made of heavy duty materials to withstand rough usage.
They are generally made up of :
Salient Features
Some important features are :-
There are mainly used for determining unit weight of concrete or aggregates. Some of the areas where they find application are:

Milestone Instruments
Sample Riffle Divider
Sample Riffle Divider
For the rapid collection of true representative samples from aggregates, sand and fillers, sample divider is required. Riffle Sample Divider consists of a metal box fitted with a series of chutes of equal width, which discharge the material alternatively in opposite directions into separate pans. The chutes of the riffle are steep enough to allow rapid flow of the material.
Meets:- IS: 1607-1977, 2720, ASTM C 136, D271, D421, D422, D423, D424, D427, D451, D452, D457, D806, BS: 812, 1377, AASHO T27, T87. Note: - ASTM sizes are also available.

Milestone Instruments
Devel Attrition Testing Machine
Devel Attrition Testing Machine (AS PER I.S. 383)
For determination of resistance to wear by attrition iron cylinders 20 cm. dia 34 cm. long with dust and water-tight covers, mounted on shaft with their axis inclined at 30 deg. to the axis of rotation of the shaft. Rotation speed is 30-33 r.p.m Driven by 1 hp. Three phase 440 volts, A.C. motor.

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