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Soil Testing Equipments

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Swell Test Apparatus Manual
Swell Test Apparatus Manual
It is designed to determine the swelling pressure developed by soil specimens moulded to desired densities at known moisture contents, when soaked in water. The load applied to restrain the swelling is transferred to a load measuring proving ring through a perforated swell plate and a load transfer bar. The proving ring is attached to the lead screw of hand operated load frame. A soaking tank is provided for saturating the specimen and the base of the mould has channels and radial grooves with connecting holes.
It consist of the following

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Laboratory Vane Shear Apparatus
Laboratory Vane Shear Apparatus
Consists of a torque head, adjustable in height by means of a lead screw rotated by a drive wheel to enable the vane to be lowered into the specimen. Rotation of the vane is by means of an electric motor which operates a worm gear arrangement turning the upper end of a calibrated torsion spring. The vane shaft is attached through the hollow upper shaft to a reset table pointer which indicates the angle of torque on a dial graduated in degrees. The dial reading multiplied by spring factor gives the torque.
Meets:-IS: 2720 (Part 30)-1980
We have the following options.

Plate Bearing Capacity, with 30, 45, 60 cm sqr. Chequered plates and accessories
The Plate Bearing Test is essentially a model test of foundations and gives the load deformation characteristics for determining the ultimate bearing capacity of foundations. This test is a standard technique for determining bearing capacity of soils and the results of other methods are compared and calibrated with the values obtained with plate bearing test. In this method, a steel plate is subjected to a gradual increment of load and the corresponding settlement is noted. The Ultimate Bearing Capacity is taken as the load at which the settlement increases at a rapid rate.

Soil Hydrometer
It consists of clear transparent glass having uniform clarity through out the hydrometer which density scale is engraved. The scale range is 0.995 to 1.030 densities (gms/ml) at 27 degree centigrade.

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Relative Density Test Apparatus
Relative Density Test Apparatus
The equipment is used for the determination of the relative density of cohesion less free draining soils and meets the essential requirements.

The equipment consists one each of: Vibratory table, with a cushioned steel vibrating decks about 75cm x 75cm. It has a frequency of approximately 3600 vibratory table, minute under an 11.5kg load. Amplitude is variable in between 0.65mm in step of 0.05 to 0.25mm, 0.25 to 0.45 mm and 0.45 to 0.65mm. Suitable for operations on 415Volts, Three Phase supply. Cylindrical metal mould weight's 3000ml Capacity. Guide sleeve with clamp assembly. Surcharges base plate for mould. Handle for surcharge base plate. Surcharge weight. The total weight together with surcharge base plate and handle is equipment to 140 kg. /sq. cm. For mould. Cylindrical metal mould weight's 15000 ml. capacity. (Total weight together with the above mould & surcharge weight is equivalent to 140 kg/sq. cm) dial gauge 0.01mm x 50mm travel. Extension piece 25mm for dial gauge.

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Unconfined Compression Testing Machine
Unconfined Compression Testing Machine
Meets: - IS: 2720 (Part 10),

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Grain Size Analysis
Grain Size Analysis (Pipette Method)
Meets:- IS 2720 (PART IV) AND BS 1377:2.
This is for the determination of the sub sieve particle distribution in a soil sample by mechanical analysis. An analysis of this kind expresses quantity the proportions by weight of the various sizes of particles present in the soil. It is recommended as a standard procedure to use dispersion agent to avoid flocculation. The apparatus consists of a sliding panel which moves up and down by means of a screw allowing Anderson pipette fixed to it to be raised or lowered vertically. A sedimentation tube is held by a laboratory clamp provided on the stand below the pipette. The depth of immersion is measured by a scale graduated in mm at the side of the sliding panel. Supplied complete with Anderson pipette 10ml. At the side capacity made from glass, and a sedimentation tube also of glass of 500ml capacity and 50nos. Test form pads.

Soil Lathe Motorised
This instrument is used for preparing soil samples for various tests like Triaxial Test, Unconfined Compression Test etc. Soil lathe consist of a cabinet enclosing motor and gear system whichrotates a disk at 24 R.P.M. this disc adopts gripper plate of various size. An up right has an adjustable holder and takes upper gripper plates of different diameters. Arrangement is provided to control height and depth of cutting tool through a lead screw which has speeds 0.8mm/min. and 1.6mm/min. Supplied complete with gripper plate pairs for 38mm, 50mm, 75mm, and 100mm dia specimens.

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Shrinkage Limit Apparatus
Shrinkage Limit Apparatus
Shrinkage Limit is the maximum water content at which a reduction in water content does not cause an appreciable reduction in volume of the soil mass. At shrinkage limit, on further reduction in water, air enters into the voids of soils and thus keeps the volume constant. The apparatus can be used to determine shrinkage limit and to calculate other shrinkage factors like shrinkage ratio, shrinkage index and volumetric shrinkage.
Set consists of one each

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Proving Rings
Proving Rings
Proving ring is generally made of steel to give strength, sensitivity and stability to ensure long life for machine.

Generally the capacity of proving ring (compression and tension-compression) is 5KN (500 kgf). The loading bosses have female threading ½ inches B.S.F. Tension-compression rings have their integral loading bosses male threaded, ¼ inches diameter capacity are provided for use when loading in compression.

If our client wants we calibrate it ourselves and if required by our party we can make arrangement of calibration from Government Test House.
Capacity Available
Avaliable From 2 KN to 3000 KN Capacity

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