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Soil Testing Equipments

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Milestone Instruments
Multi speed Universal Load frame
Multi speed Universal Load frame 50 KN
This motorised machine with electronic digital control by microprocessor is suitable to perform all the tests.
It can be use for the following tests Power Supply : 230 V Single Phase 50 Hz
Note: - Data logger can also be supplied for recoding the stain and displacements

Milestone Instruments
Soil Permeability Apparatus
Soil Permeability Apparatus
BIS 2720 (Part XVII). The apparatus is used for the laboratory determination of permeability of soils using a constant of a variable hydraulic head. This test is recommended for soils with the coefficient of permeability in the range of 10³ to 10 cm/sec. The maximum particle size of the soil which can be tested in the mould is 10 mm.

The equipment comprises the following :

Milestone Instruments
Consists of a 1 kg Glass Jar with Brass Cone, Locking Ring and Rubber Seal
Meets: - IS: 2386 (Part 3)-1963

Sample Extractors
The sample extractors shown in this section meet the requirements of Indian, British, ASTM and AASHO standards. Soil core specimens can be extracted from sampling tubes with minimum disturbance. Specimens of smaller dia can also be extracted from larger size samples.
Milestone Instruments
Sample Extruder, Hand operated
Milestone Instruments
Sample Extruder Hydraulic four Motorized

Milestone Instruments
Sampling Auger Outfits
Sampling Auger Outfits
Hand-operated screw-type augers as well as post hole (blade type) augers are available in different sizes as listed below. The screw-type auger can be used both for advancing the hole and for disturbed sampling. The auger outfit is supplied with an extension rod, T-piece and a tubular handle. Additional extension rods are also available for sampling at deeper location. Extension Rods, for use with the above-mentioned Auger Heads, one meter in length, threaded at both ends with Hexagonal Couplings. Handle and T-piece Spanner
Meets:-ASTM D 1452

Undisturbed Samplers
Samplers for collecting undisturbed samples of soil from different depths are available. Samples of dia ranging from 38 mm to 150 mm and length ranging from 50 mm to 300 mm can be obtained. Sampling Tube, 38 mm dia sampling tubes are available in unrelieved type. In this type, the internal dia is uniform throughout the length.

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